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Dual Inverter 24,000 BTU Heating & Cooling Split Air Conditioner

Dual Inverter 24,000 BTU Heating & Cooling Split Air Conditioner

Key Features

  • Dual Inverter Compressor™
  • 70% Energy Saving
  • Faster Cooling and Heating
  • Low Noise
  • Active Energy Control


General Specifications
Cooling Capacity 6,45 kW, 22,000 Btu/h
Heating Capacity 6,45 kW, 22,000 Btu/h
Compressor Type Twin Rotary
Refrigerant R410A
EER 3,21 W/W, 10,95 (Btu/h)/W
COP 3,41 W/W, 11,64 (Btu/h)/W
Fan Type Cross Flow Fan
Motor Output 58W
Sound Pressure Level Cooling, Max: 56/H: 48/M: 43/L: 38/SL: 32 dB(A)<br>Heating, Max: 57/H: 48/M: 43/L: 38 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate Cooling, Max: 21/H: 15/M: 12/L: 9 m³/min<br>Heating, Max: 21/H: 16/M: 13/L: 9.5 m³/min
Fan Type Propeller Fan
Motor Type BLDC
Sound Pressure Level Cooling, Rated 56 dB(A) <br> Heating, Rated 58 dB(A)
Air Flow Rate Max 50,0 m³/min
Piping Ø 6.35, Ø 15.88
Drain Hose Size O.D 21.5 mm, I.D 16.0 mm
Cooling 2,010W
Heating 1,890W
Cooling Running Current 9,60A
Heating Running Current 9,10A
Power Supply 1Ø, 220 ~ 240V, 50Hz
Available Voltage Range 187 ~ 276V
Power Factor 95%
Circuit Breaker 20A
Indoor Dimensions 998 × 345 × 210 mm
Indoor Weight 12,8kg
Outdoor Dimensions 870 × 655 × 320 mm
Outdoor Weight 42,7kg
Between Indoor & Outdoor
Piping length Min: 3.6m/Standard: 7.5m/Max: 20m
Max Elevation Difference 10m
Piping Connection Heat Insulation Both liquid and gas pipes


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