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LG MonoX® Plus is an extremely robust P-type module that maintains
high performance by using LG’s LiLY Technology.
LG also provides an enhanced warranty by LiLY Technology.

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  • Enhanced Performance Warranty
    LG Mono X® Plus has an enhanced performance warranty. The initial degradation of cells has -2%, and the annual rate of degradation has fallen -0.4%/yr.
  • Reduced LID
    The LG MonoX® Plus remains resilient against light induced degradation through the use of LG’s LiLY Technology.
  • Extended Product Warranty
    As well as the enhanced performance warranty, LG Mono X® Plus is covered by product warranty to 15years.
  • Outstanding Durability
    The LG MonoX® Plus’s stress endurance is rated to handle up to 5400 Pa on the front side and up to 2400 Pa on the rear side.



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