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LG’s structure rests on customer value creation and people-oriented management. LG Electronics was established in 1958, they have since gained years of experience and extended into many industries. One of which is, the now seasoned division, LG air.

Since 1968, LG has been manufacturing and supplying residential LG air conditioners. With a growing commercial scope, their offering now consists of Chillers, Multi-V, BMS, and Single CAC units.

HVAC are proud suppliers & distributors of LG air conditioners to KwaZulu-Natal and surrounds. We supply quality LG air conditioners for residential and commercial markets.

LG’s commercial air conditioner range is heavy-duty, long-lasting and efficient. A complete end-to-end solution with maximum control. The LG family of commercial air conditioning systems can be scaled and implemented into your project’s infrastructure, regardless of the size and complexity.

Quality products, expertly installed

All HVAC registered installers are overflowing with product knowledge and correct installation procedures. To ensure a smooth installation of your air conditioning products.

LG Air Conditioner - Dual Inverter

LG products are at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements, offering better cooling with more efficient energy consumption. LG pushes the boundaries with comprehensive functionality and the introduction of all-new features. The latest in  LG air conditioners are quieter, greener, cost-effective to run, stylish and just more efficient overall.

Create the optimal conditions for your home or business with LG air conditioning. Air conditioners improve concentration (particularly on those blistering hot days), and allow you to properly secure your building by closing doors and windows.

Closing doors and windows also reduces outside noise and disruptions, and allows you to enjoy high-quality air that is filtered and insect-free.

Installing air conditioners can also preserve the longevity of assets, such as computer hardware and furniture, that would otherwise cause problems if exposed to high temperatures and humidity.

Whether you install air conditioners for a living or you’re just looking for a unit for your home, HVAC can help you find the right LG air conditioner.

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